Ready to Make a Change?

Often a seasoned impartial sounding board can help you sort out your options and arm you with the personal career marketing tools needed for success.

Even very talented people sometimes need help presenting their value, attributes, and accomplishments.

Change happens! If you are ready to create a plan for your career and life, we should talk.

Market Your Brilliance

“Clarify and package your gifts, talents, passions”

Resume Writing

Your resume must stand out.We develop marketing documents to serve as your “ambassador” to make you memorable.


Personal Branding

Our goal is to collect objective information and shape the appropriate message so people will pay attention, understand, and remember you.


Career Coaching

Before embarking on a journey we need a good roadmap to get to the right destination. Here is where career coaching comes in.


LinkedIn Profiles

Crafting your profile summary and headline statement is almost as critical as the resume itself.


Stuck on how to position your value for a promotion, or new opportunity, or career move?

Almost anyone can write a resume. Few can capture the essence of you by creating personal marketing documents that will effectively serve as your “personal ambassador” in your absence. Besides, there have been major changes in career management in the past few years, mostly due to social media. Together we take the time to uncover your true motivations and fully explore available options.

You can probably talk about your training and professional experiences, but can you easily present your value?

Even very talented professionals sometimes have difficulty describing their best attributes and accomplishments. Don’t try to do this alone!

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What Others Are Saying

“Once again, thank you for all your efforts in assisting me in identifying and clarifying my personal brand. It has been an eye opener. Now that I have a new outlook and a goal to pursue, another journey begins. I am excited and question the unknown at the same time, however I will face it anyway.”

K. James

“I like it. It is fantastic! You did a great job and I am grateful.”— K. Baldwin

“Brenda Goburn Smith helped me redo my resume, to attract new possibilities in the job market. Her ability to strategically enhance the qualities I have to bring to potential employers through first glancing at a resume is nothing short of excellent.”

M. Russell

 “You are clearly a woman who knows her craft. This was a very good investment in my future. I appreciate your help.”

N. Gough

Change Happens!

“The most important thing to remember is this, to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.”

  W.E.B. DuBois