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Put Your Ego Aside, Then Write Your Resume

Your resume is an opportunity to show your accomplishments and value, don’t let your ego get in the way of attaining your goals. Of course, you are proud of your work history, especially if you had successful tenures. However, every job held may not apply to your current target position. A resume is designed to…

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Add These 3 Items to Your Resume

Here are three things to put ON your resume: (1) Clear Branding Statement A strong, clear branding statement tells what you do, what is unique about you, and the value you would bring to the company or opportunity.  The career overview should be a short statement. The top 1/3 of a resume is valuable real…

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Take These 3 Things Off Your Resume

Here are three things to take off your resume: (1) Home Address Contact will likely come via email or a phone call. Your home address is not necessary initially – too much information, too soon, especially the zip code. Employers can check the Internet to make subjective decisions – perhaps in their opinion the commute…

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Brand Yourself Before You Write Your Resume!

UPDATED: October 24, 2017 Almost anyone can write a resume, but can you present the person behind the duties and responsibilities in a way that makes the hiring manager want to interview you? Once you get past the hurdle of the online computerized application tracking system (ATS), you must engage and entice the person reading…

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Want a Great Fiction Writer or Great Resume Writer?

New clients are often surprised when I ask a ton of questions about what they actually accomplished in their career; what is it they loved and hated about their work; what kind of situation helps them achieve great results, or, what unique value they can offer. I tell them that professional resume writers, like me,…

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Cake with Your Resume

Almost anybody can write a resume, however, it takes a professional resume writer to package and present you effectively for a targeted career opportunity. I like to bake and I approach resume writing with the same passion of a pastry chef preparing a cake dessert for someone special. If you will indulge me I would like…

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