Workshops & Webinars


Resume & Career Services, LLC offers career services to professionals that include resume writing, personal career documents, LinkedIn profile summary statements, career strategies, personal branding and personal goal setting/action planning. The company also offers the following workshops and webinars:

Resume Development Workshop/Webinar

Clients often think they simply need to fix up or update their resumes. Your work history, titles, certifications, and duties are great – but not enough for landing today’s opportunities. The business of hiring has drastically changed. Your resume has about 6 seconds to get and hold the attention of the hiring authority.


Participants learn how to succinctly describe themselves, state their job objective, identify their unique value, core competencies, accomplishments, relevant talents, and how they can productively contribute to the business or opportunity. Participants learn to navigate the rapidly changing hiring process due to the influence of social media and technology.

Participants will get critical guidelines for writing a resume that is people-friendly for networking and interviews and a version that is technologically sufficient to get through most online Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Personal Branding Workshop/Webinar

Crafting your Personal Brand Statement is an important exercise. It is an essential component in developing your professional and online reputation. “Writing your story” or “personal brand profile” will significantly enable effective presentation of your value, a sales pitch, elevator speech, successful interview situation or professional statement of your goals, talents, and passions.

Participants will go through “The Branding Process”© to learn how to explore their values, life’s calling or purpose, vision for the future, gifts, talents, and passions. They will also learn how to objectively examine how the world sees them and how to shape the perceptions they wish to be known for.

Participants will be able to craft a credible Personal Branding Statement that presents who they are, what they do, and their goals or intentions in a memorable fashion.

Creating Personal Marketing Documents Workshop

Personal marketing documents should be memorable and speak of a candidate’s strengths, expertise, and value. Documents should be designed to “tell a story of accomplishments” and create a desire to want to know a further conversation or interview.

Participants learn the critical guidelines for creating a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, biography, or capability statement that stands out.

Participants will understand the advantages of creating a suite of personal marketing documents that professionally represents the value they bring to a prospective employer, goal or opportunity.

The Changing Seasons of Your Life Workshop

Roles and goals change through the years. In this workshop time is spent acknowledging past accomplishments and imagining a new future. In a fun, non-threatening atmosphere participants strategize lifestyle changes for their next season of life and create action steps for their new goals.

Participants reflect on their gifts, talents, and passions and envision a new fulfilling future. Transferable skills and abilities are reshaped for new possibilities. Plans for deferred passions and dreams are shaped and made real.

Participants learn to objectively create a pathway to achieving goals with actionable steps and guidelines.


If you are interested in having one of these workshops presented for your organization or ministry, contact Brenda.