linkein on mobileAs a part of the Resume Package, or separately, we write LinkedIn profiles and biographies.

The Internet, social media and technology have all changed job search techniques. Yes, people are really finding jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Monster, Simply Hired and other job posting sites. Each has its own set of rules, protocols, and benefits. No, you cannot simply paste your resume in a profile, at least you should not; it is a different product, different purpose. Learn the conventions of each outlet. The crafting of that profile summary and headline statement is almost as critical as the resume itself.

These social media outlets are one of the major resources that corporations and recruiters access to identify and screen potential employees. It is also a prime resource for you to network and connect with people who can hire and introduce you to interview opportunities. You must give particular attention to how you position your profile. Companies and recruiters apply the same amount of time to a resume or profile…about 6 seconds, before they make assumptions, draw conclusions and move on. None of this has anything to do with how accomplished or distinguished you may be. We can help you set up an online identity and reputation.

We Speak "Business"

We speak "business" and write industry appropriate biographies or capability statements.

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