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coaching femalesOn one hand, our services seem to fall into the category of career counseling, which essentially provides the marketing documents, strategies, and resources you need to pursue the next step in your career...and that we definitely do.

However, on the other hand, before embarking on a journey we need a good roadmap to get to the right destination. Here is where career coaching comes in.

We ask the not so obvious, thought-provoking questions. We work collaboratively with you to "paint" the whole picture of your life; then we proceed to connect the dots.

The concept of work and career has not only changed it is constantly changing.

People are changing their mindset of what is important to them and whether or not the traditional work environment gives them the security and lifestyle they want.

This is a pretty daunting discussion to have in isolation; therefore, people from all walks of life are engaging coaches to help them get clarity around these issues.  There is no traditional path to self-fulfillment, career success or personal satisfaction.   Each one of us must ferret this out for ourselves, however, a coach can help shorten the learning curve and provide a plethora of valuable resources and that all important objective perspective.

When you talk to a coach, you get the benefit of explaining yourself and that process alone helps you gain clarity.

So, what can coaching do for you?

  • Coaching allows both to listen fully for key points, reoccurring themes, and pose thought-provoking questions and scenarios to get you thinking about possibilities, aspirations, deferred passions, and goals.
  • Coaching helps you strategize ways to expand and harness your strengths, talents, and gifts. Coaching seeks to empower you to tap into your abilities to act and make changes.
  • Coaching allows the resume writer to accurately express who you are inside and out.

To learn more about our coaching services that focus on personal growth and development, personal branding, and lifestyle transitions, contact Brenda today.

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