Often clients need help clearly stating their true talent and value. Our goal is to collect objective information and shape the appropriate message so people will pay attention, understand, and remember you.

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Just as companies "package" their products to get you to buy, you must "package" yourself to get employers or other parties interested in you.  Start from square one…who are you and how do others perceive you.  Sounds easy, but when you put it on paper you often need a "fact checker."

At Resume & Career Services we try to be that objective voice and ear to help you create an authentic brand and image. We can help you tell your story and put it in the appropriate format for your goals by crafting your brand statement…concise, clear, and authentic.

With the competition for scarce job openings, you need something that will set you apart.  Our process for clarifying your image is shown on the Branding Process chart. We spend time upfront helping you develop your unique value proposition…what do you bring that is needed, productive, and valuable.  You will be amazed at how gaining clarity around these simple, but critical questions increases your confidence, sharpens your focus, and heightens tremendously the likelihood of success.

"Thank you so much, I hardly recognized myself on my resume. I needed that objective perspective. Thank you." — A. Burton
 You cannot be all things to all people, companies, or opportunities. The key to success is to keenly focus on a target goal.  If you are ready to focus on your target goal, contact Resume & Career Services today to schedule your appointment.

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