Put Your Ego Aside, Then Write Your Resume

Your resume is an opportunity to show your accomplishments and value, don’t let your ego get in the way of attaining your goals. Of course, you are proud of your work history, especially if you had successful tenures. However, every job held may not apply to your current target position.

A resume is designed to “paint” a portrait of you as a valuable contributor to a company or opportunity. As in painting and photography, you want to emphasize certain features and downplay or eliminate unrelated features, in this case unrelated jobs. Focus on what is relative to the position.

You will most likely not be present when your resume is being read, therefore, write to explain outcomes and results. Help the hiring manager “see” how you can assist the company. When you present your accomplishments be sure you quantify your impact with numbers, percentages, and dollars, if possible.

Whatever you do, do not lie or embellish your actual role. Hiring professionals are trained to ferret out information that does not match the scenario. Their second most asked question is, “So, tell me how you did that?”

The question posed most is, “So, tell me about yourself.” Before you answer, put your ego aside. Talking about yourself to a stranger is awkward. You want to do it in a manner that is not braggadocious. Do some homework on you first. A little introspection helps. If you need help finding the right descriptors, an online personality assessment instrument could provide appropriate words. Take several and look for reoccurring themes. Be factual, but use common sense.

The process of personal branding is designed to help you answer these specific questions: who are you, what do you do, what do you do well,  and what’s your value or unique proposition? You might want to investigate personal branding because it will add to your confidence and help you write a resume that accurately portrays the real you.

Needless to say, writing resumes has become both an art and science due to the impact of social media, technology, and changes in the hiring process. If you get stumped, seek out a professional resume writer or career coach. Their services are an investment in your future earning power and career trajectory.

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Brenda Goburn Smith