Add These 3 Items to Your Resume

Here are three things to put ON your resume:

(1) Clear Branding Statement

A strong, clear branding statement tells what you do, what is unique about you, and the value you would bring to the company or opportunity.  The career overview should be a short statement. The top 1/3 of a resume is valuable real estate, use it to intrigue and create the desire to make them want to learn more about you. And, always connect your skills to the specific job description.

(2) Evidence of Challenges, Actions, and Results

Show evidence in quantitative terms. Use numbers, e.g., managed 220 accounts, fixed 1,043 computers, or sold 512 cars. If you worked at McDonald’s, you are not just a counter clerk – you served 1,200 customers per day at lunchtime. Paint a picture of your capability to work successfully in a fast-paced environment. Show past contributions. Describe what was going on when you arrived in your current or former position and how you improved or changed conditions and profits.

(3) Target Focused Language

Focus your resume to the specific position. Match your capabilities to the keywords in the job posting. It is not necessary to tell your life’s story, especially if jobs were more than 20 years ago and not related to the current job targets. Use a summary to explain other professional work experiences, if necessary.

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Brenda Goburn Smith