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Interviews can be nerve-wracking even in the best of times, but with a little preparation
you can confidently position yourself as a viable candidate for hire.

Do you remember when job searching was a simple matter of filling out an application and waiting for a call for an interview? Well, hiring practices are very different now, especially the interview process. If you have not had an interview in a while, you may be nervous about how you will successfully navigate handling the modern methods and devices. It's time to update and polish your interviewing skills. You need a personal strategy for your situation and job objective. Interviewing is essentially a two-step process: screening and selection. Don’t show up without a plan!

Be prepared to have the hiring manager visualize you in the position.


Pay Attention to Your Preparation, Strategy & Mindset

The world of work and hiring practices have changed. You must always be ready to pounce on an opportunity. Companies quickly make decisions about hiring because the field of candidates is vast.

  • Preparation

    It is urgent that you pull together your career documents and get ready for a potential interview. That includes your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, references, and stories of your accomplishments. Get in a state of readiness now. Be agile. Be ready!

  • Strategy

    Learn to negotiate the obstacles of the interview process, which can go through many phases and technologies: phone, video, digital, and in-person interviews. Most of all, be prepared to demonstrate that you understand the company’s challenges, and the expectations of the job, and how you are fully competent to address them. Do the research to gather intelligence on the company, industry trends, and company social media reputation.

  • Mindset

    Approach this objective with the understanding that the interview is a two-way exchange. The company is interviewing you, and you are interviewing the company. You are willing to make the full commitment if this the right place for you. Both preparation and mindset will sufficiently calm any nervousness.

You might need some help. I am happy to offer to help you get ready for your interview.  It might seem daunting, but I promise it is not. Take a look at my e-book, “Let’s Get You Ready For Your Interview” to help you strategize getting the job you want.


I'm Brenda Goburn Smith, Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach for over 10 years. I help clients capture and present their value and accomplishments for opportunities with strategies and documents. When you are not physically present your resume career story must entice hiring managers to want to know more about you with an invitation to interview. Many of my satisfied clients not only go on to elevate their career, but many also return later to pursue even higher career goals because we maintain an ongoing supportive relationship.

Stand Out From Other Candidates and Get a Mutually Agreeable Offer. After All, That's Your Goal, Right?

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Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary but know that people do it all the time and are able to triumph. Few people interview often, so it is normal to feel off-centered. That is easy to fix with information and preparation.

Sure, you can give yourself a “pep talk” but interview preparation requires a much more comprehensive strategy.

That's why I'm delighted to present my 55-page e-book filled with strategies to help you craft your roadmap to success.

Let's Get You Ready for Your Interview

Chapter topics include:

Let's Get You Ready for Your Interview e-book
  • The importance of starting with research

  • How to prepare for an in-person interview

  • How to prepare for a phone interview

  • How to prepare for a video interview

  • How to prepare for a digital recorded interview

  • Strategies for answering “tell me about yourself” by crafting your personal brand statement

  • Prep for answering other dreaded questions

  • What you should do after the interview

  • Suggested questions to ask the interviewer

  • Learn strategies for conducting informational interviews that give you valuable insider perspectives

Preparing for an informational interview

One whole chapter is devoted to using this intelligence-gathering method. The purpose is not to get a job but information. You get step-by-step instructions about which questions to ask, what you should and should not do during an informational interview, and how to follow-up appropriately and with professionalism.

Plus, you get the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: Step-by-Step 13-Page Interactive Workbook That Even Shows You How to Research the Interviewer


The accompanying 13-page interactive Workbook leads you step-by-step to doing in-depth research into the position, company, industry, social media intelligence, and the interviewer. Plus, you get guidance for identifying your top 5 skills. You need an organized approach for every job search target. Never conduct your search without implementing the strategies contained in this workbook. Be prepared to express your value and evidence of your accomplishments.

BONUS #2: 30-Minute Video Training – Prepare for Modern Methods and Devices

Practice Interview Session

You get checkpoints and tips for preparing your responses to the various types of screening and selection methods. Not every company will use each method or device. You want to avoid surprise interview situations. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel.


"I went to my interview on Wednesday, it went great! I was hired on the spot, pending a background, which will not be an issue and I am getting the salary I wanted! Thank you."

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Resume & Career Services Client

“I truly enjoyed working with you. The guidance, coaching, and writing of my resume is appreciated. Thank you so much for everything."

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Resume & Career Services Client

Never Forget it is Your Job to Help the Interviewer Imagine You in the Position

Interview Research

Often an interview scenario makes you feel you are being judged, subject to rejection. Nothing is further from the truth. You and the company are both seeking a productive match. In your research, you will discover the company’s needs and weaknesses and where you can help on day one.

Don’t try to “wing it” and think you can simply charm your way in. Get the resources you need to help you interview as the perfect viable candidate.

My e-book and bonuses will be a powerful resource in your arsenal of job search tools.

Get immediate access to your e-book, workbook, and video training with our 7-day refund guarantee with no questions asked.

Get prepared for upcoming interviews and unexpected career opportunities.