Excellence is a Learned Habit

Excellence becomes a habit when it is a repeatable standard of measure that defines your actions, behavior, goals, and decisions. When you consistently assess and decide how you will react or perform you set a personal standard. Evidence of your standard of excellence shows in your family life, career, and business relationships.

In your family life, your spouse and children look to you for leadership. You help set the standard of excellence for acceptable behavior and performance. Your commitment to excelling in everything you attempt by doing your best matters and gets noticed.

In business relationships with clients, your commitment to over-delivering contract terms, providing exceptional customer service, completing contracts ahead of schedule or adding unexpected bonuses and value makes the difference. Your excellence is contagious. Others will notice your standard of quality and adjust their perception of your capabilities.

In your career, your commitment to going the extra mile to help improve the company’s efficiencies, procedures, production, image, internal and external communications, and relationships matters. Again, your excellence will be noticed.

Developing a lifelong habit of excellence does not happen overnight. Your journey may not be smooth or without setbacks, but the payoff is worth the effort. Be willing to learn from mistakes and life lessons.

These suggestions may be helpful:

  • Be passionate about your career or occupation. Put your best effort into your work.
  • Believe that what you do makes a difference. All actions make a difference.
  • Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone to explore and boost self-confidence.
  • Approach people and situations with a realistic expectation of positive outcomes.
  • Deliver as promised. Do your best. Always follow through and follow up.
  • Focus. Multi-tasking does not work. Plan well and narrow your focus.
  • Take ownership of your life; relationships, education, fitness, social life, and career.

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Brenda Goburn Smith