The Awkward Handshake

The handshake in a business setting is a long-standing tradition. A firm handshake is often used as a judgment of character. How will you navigate the new societal norms graciously and stay mindful of the health of everyone?

When job searching or interviewing, the best strategy is to follow the lead of the interviewer. If he or she has a full appointment of applicants, they will likely forego shaking hands with each candidate but launch into a warm greeting. The fist or elbow bump has become commonplace.

You Have Options

You have two options if someone graciously extends their hand; smile and ask if we could fist bump? Or say you have adopted a no handshake protocol to promote a healthier universe. Smile and say you appreciate their gesture.

In an unavoidable scenario, wash your hands before the meeting and immediately after. It is a good practice to keep alcohol hand sanitizers or wipes in your car or purse for use before and after your session.

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Brenda Goburn Smith