Get Clear On What You Want and What You Do Well

Finding a job that fits your skills, experience, and work preferences is a job in itself. You will need preparation, patience, and a viable plan.

Every jobseeker wants a successful conclusion to their search. These “Insider Tips” will help you execute your search. Use this checklist to find your new job faster.

Know What You Want

It is sometimes difficult to have an objective conversation with yourself but necessary for an efficient job search strategy. Success in a job search involves identifying and articulating a clear idea of what you want.

  • Create an “ideal job” description of the type of job you want. Describe the job title, type of company, location, responsibilities, compensation/benefits, etc.
  • Identify which of your skills are most marketable to a prospective employer. Make a list of your skills: customer service, sales, technology, communication, etc. Clarifying your skills will not only help in your job search, but will also help you identify which skills, training/education, and experience you emphasize on your resume.
  •  Ask yourself these questions: What do I do well? What are my weaknesses? What do I like doing? What skills do I need to update to stay current?
  • Identify what problem the company is having and position yourself as their problem-solver. Companies hire employees to solve identified problems with talent. To be effective in your job search, figure out what job you are performing for the company. For example, companies don’t hire HR employees to keep a seat warm. They hire them to ensure compliance with government regulations and to help them identify/recruit/hire/retain valuable employees.
  • Don’t just focus on large companies in your job search. Small and mid-size companies — including start-up operations — are a significant source of new job opportunities. But you won’t often find their jobs posted on large job boards. Instead, look on the company’s website or Facebook page, LinkedIn company profile, or even on Craigslist.

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