DIY Resumes and Cover Letters

Finding a job that fits your skills, experience, and work preferences is a job in itself. You will need preparation, patience, and a viable plan.

Every jobseeker wants a successful conclusion to their search. These “Insider Tips” will help you execute your search. Use these checklists to find your new job faster.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Keep your resume up to date at all times. You never know when you might need it. Your resume is your “personal marketing ambassador” when you are not physically present. Yes, you can write it but If you are not comfortable writing it yourself, seek the services of a Professional Resume Writer. Consider it is an investment in your future earning capacity and professional reputation.

  • Make sure your career communication documents are 100% error-free. Before sending any email, resume, or cover letter, proofread it. Then proofread it again.
  • Never use your current employer’s contact information on your resume — especially not your work email address! (And speaking of email addresses, make sure that the one you use is professional — not [email protected])
  • Be sure to include all of your contact information so prospective employers can get in touch with you easily. Include your full name, home phone number, cell number, and email address.
  • Review your resume and cover letter to ensure it targets the job you want. Don’t try to use a “generic” resume — and don’t send a resume that is geared towards one type of job to apply to an entirely different kind of job. (If you are pursuing sales jobs and logistics jobs, make sure you have a sales-targeted resume and a logistics-targeted resume!)
  • Adapt the resume and cover letter to each position you’re pursuing. Choose quality over quantity. It’s better to send five targeted resumes than to apply to 100 jobs with an untargeted resume.
  • Make sure you understand what the employer is looking for in a candidate for the position before you submit your resume and cover letter. Do your documents highlight the specific skills and experience the employer is seeking?
  • Review your resume and make sure you are highlighting your strongest accomplishments. Your accomplishments are what will set you apart from other job candidates. Most similarly named job functions carry the same types of responsibilities. What gives you the competitive edge is how well you perform!
  • Don’t forget your cover letter. (A “cover letter” doesn’t always mean a letter — it can also be an introductory email.) A cover letter introduces you when you can’t introduce yourself personally. A personalized letter/email is necessary any time you will not be handing your resume to the hiring manager directly. Although some hiring managers say they never read cover letters, the majority of them do (even if they say they don’t).
  • Honesty is vital! Never, never, never, never lie on your resume.

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Wishing you great success with your career and life plans.

Brenda Goburn Smith

Resume Writer and Career Strategist

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