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I freely share information because the payoff is an informed client who understands the process.

Unemployed? You Can Survive Unemployment

Use this free 15-page information guide to plan your strategy. Unexpected unemployment is tressful. Take a deep breath and get your "ducks" in a row to manage this challending situation on personal and professional levels.


Preparing for a Performance Review

Use this free report to guide your thinking for your annual performance appraisal.


Evaluate Your Resume Before You Hit Send

Use this checklist to assess key points to increase your chances of being selected for an interview.


Is it Time for a Job or Career Change?

This free report and career change self-assessment instrument will help you objectively sort out the critical factors of such a decision.


Got an Interview in Your Future?

Let's get you ready for your interview with this free checklist with preparation tips for phone, video, digital, and in-person interviews.


You are the CEO of Your Career

Tips for managing your career in 2020.