You Are the CEO of Your Career

Yes, you are the CEO of your career. Almost everything in the workplace has changed from how work is done to how you move ahead. Your employer has dismantled its career ladder. There is no guaranteed career track for promotions. Now you must seriously give some thought to managing your career. You will need a strategy to get to the next level, and you must be agile, ready to pounce on unexpected opportunities. Even being willing to repackage your skills to move into a job that may not be on your preferred list now, for future positioning.

The truth is job security does not exist. There are too many factors beyond your control; market shifts, company finances, laws, business leadership, etc. Jobs and careers have always been dynamic; now, it’s ramped up. Be ready. Most of all, keep your resume updated.

Here are a few career management reminders:

  • Think like a free agent, approach career strategies, and resumes as tools to help you negotiate the best fit, placement, compensation, etc.
  • Keep your skillset and knowledge base current. Innovations and technologies get introduced into the workplace regularly.
  • Hiring practices have changed. There are often multi-level screening processes. Some start with questionnaires and telephone interviews. Be prepared and practice to be ready and relaxed.
  • Connections and contacts are of the utmost importance for networking when managing your career. Pay attention to how you manage your professional relationships because most jobs are found through connections.
  • Your social media activity is a reflection on your reputation; use it as a tool for promoting your professional value.
  • Every job you hold is part of your career. Think strategically about where you wish to be professionally in 5, 10 years.
  • Your resume is your personal marketing tool and “ambassador.” Be sure it is focused on your career goals and presents your work abilities and accomplishments well.
  • The process for submitting resumes has changed due to technology. Most companies use computer scanning software applications to track, screen, and score resumes uploaded online. The system is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It has become more sophisticated, there are specific formatting guidelines that determine which resumes are selected.

These are times of fluid changes and opportunities; proactively manage your career. Above all, keep your resume updated. To write your resume in haste is ill-advised; if you need help clarifying and presenting your value to “market your brilliance,” contact me.

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Brenda Goburn Smith