Think Like A “Free Agent” – Update Your Resume

You must manage your career as a free agent. A resume helps you negotiate the best fit, placement, compensation, etc. Resumes should be updated every 12 months. Most people are not tracking their successes or documenting the acquisition of new skills. That information is necessary to show your value for business or career opportunities.

Here are three reasons why you need an up-to-date resume:

1. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE – Business goals, industry and market conditions change causing companies to make adjustments. Your personal life goals and career aspirations evolve.

2. POSITIONING YOUR VALUE – Resumes present and promote your skills and knowledge that enhances your value along with your contributions and accomplishments.

3. ENTRY POINT REQUIREMENTS – The hiring process has changed. Your resume must reflect a modern format agile enough to navigate computer-screening software, yet enticing enough to capture the human hiring manager’s attention.

Many of us just go to work, perform duties and seldom think about our contributions to the successful operation of the business or the value we bring.

In today’s workplace, you are responsible for managing your career advancement, not the company. The annual performance appraisal often reveals usable information, but it is best to keep a personal journal. Record new assignments, responsibilities, project outcomes, and skills learned. Perform your performance review.

Include in your personal assessment some research on the outlook for the industry. Innovations and technology introduced into businesses can impact the longevity of positions, operations, and companies. Mergers and closings are commonplace.

Adopt the mindset of a “free agent” because you may have to package and promote your best attributes, skills, and value to advance your career to negotiate the best employment package. Your resume is your personal marketing document, keep it updated for career advancement and unexpected opportunities.

Brenda Goburn Smith