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Cake with Your Resume

Almost anybody can write a resume, however, it takes a professional resume writer to package and present you effectively for a targeted career opportunity. I like to bake and I approach resume writing with the same passion of a pastry chef preparing a cake dessert for someone special. If you will indulge me I would like…


What’s Your Brand?

Have you taken the time to shape your image – how you wish to be known – your personal brand? Crafting your personal brand statement will help shape your personal marketing message, which is helpful for your career or to personally update your image and goals. I’m sharing a free e-Workbook to get you started. In…


If You Hate Monday Mornings, Fix Your Resume and Find Your Perfect Job!

Phillip does not need an alarm clock these days, he actually sings in the shower when getting ready to go to work at his new job. Talk about feeling lucky to have been matched to the perfect job for him. Well, it wasn’t really luck. He worked with a professional resume writer who probed him…