Reviews from Satisfied Clients

"Brenda Goburn Smith helped me redo my resume, to attract new possibilities in the job market. Her ability to strategically enhance the qualities I have to bring to potential employers through first glancing at a resume is nothing short of excellent." —M. Russell

"You are clearly a woman who knows her craft. This was a very good investment in my future. I appreciate your help." —N. Gough

"Thank you so much, I hardly recognized myself on my resume. I needed that objective perspective. Thank you." —A. Burton

“I like it. It is fantastic! You did a great job and I am grateful.” —K. Baldwin

"During my interview the recruiter complimented me on my resume, saying, it represented me well and was nicely put together." —M. Peaker

"I remember going into job interviews thinking I did a good job, but I never received a call or follow up interview. However, ever since you helped me with my resume, not only have I found a job, but I also had to turn one down because of the conflict in schedules would not allow me to work both jobs. I went to the interview expecting a Cook position, but after reading my resume, the Chef informed me of an expediting position that changed into a supervisor’s position within three days. I just had to send you a great big thank you for helping me turn my work life into a positive success. Thank you again for all your help." —K. Thornton

"You did a ‘yeowoman’s job! Nothing much to edit, other than to say BRAVO." —O. Sotonwa

“Brenda, again, thank you for your work, superb.” —M. Gilder

“I am pleased with the resume you prepared. Thanks for everything.” —K. Edwards

"One again, thank you for all your efforts in assisting me in identifying and clarifying my personal brand. It has been an eye opener. Now that I have a new outlook and a goal to pursue, another journey begins. I am excited and question the unknown at the same time, however, I will face it anyway." —K. James

"What a tremendous help you have been helping me shape an accurate view of my abilities and attributes.  The personal branding assessments and exercises were right on point. This was a great experience and helped me set realistic career goals." —S. Bunch