Meet Brenda


Professional Resume Writer
Career Strategist and Coach/Authorized Assessment Administrator
Webinar & Workshop Facilitator


I’m a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach. My career background is in marketing; now I write resumes to help clients articulate their strengths and value succinctly before marketing their brilliance.

I’ve developed a very effective personal branding process that also builds confidence, which is essential when job searching. Clients take assessment instruments and have introspective homework.

Recently, I received an email from a client that made me grin. When I met Susan, although a very accomplished Financial Analyst, she had difficulty describing her unique accomplishments, distinguishing attributes, and had no strategy for pursuing a senior position. In the email, Susan said she struggled more than expected writing her personal branding statement. Her struggle was to avoid sounding like everyone else and compellingly state why a company should hire her over other candidates.

Thanks to a new resume and my guidance through the process of identifying her marketable value she had a newfound level of confidence for an upcoming interview. Susan closed her message with a comment that made my heart sing; she said our engagement felt like I was a friend accompanying her on a very personal journey.

That email was very satisfying to me on several levels. At my core, I am an encouraging coach and natural teacher, who helps clients connect the dots. Nothing pleases me more than helping people gain insight and deeper self-knowledge; it builds confidence.

My work is challenging and always interesting because of the diversity of my client base, which keeps me on my toes as a lifetime learner. I enjoy helping clients market their brilliance for careers and opportunities. Should you need help updating your resume, clarifying your strength and value, or exploring career strategies, please contact me. You may also schedule a free 15-minute chat.

Here is a snapshot of my background:

  • Founded and grew my marketing company to five full-time employees and a clientele of corporations, non-profit organizations, private businesses, and institutions
  • Owned a retail store
  • Worked for two Fortune 500 companies
  • Directed a local chapter of a national non-profit youth organization
  • Served as volunteer Board Director for several non-profit organizations
  • Managed and directed an elite association of Chief Executive Officers
  • Attained my Bachelor of Science degree from The Johns Hopkins University (Carey School of Business)

The great benefit of being involved in various industries and infrastructures is the broadened perspective of the world that opens a plethora of resources and reference points for my clients.

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